My name is Matthew, and I adore all things technology. While my current focus is technology strategy and architecture, I have over 20 years of professional experience, much of which I spent hands-on as a software developer.

While my work requires me to spend an increasing amount of time in PowerPoint and Excel, I like to keep hands-on with technology through personal projects and hackathons.

I also like to express myself through art, most recently embarking on a journey to learn 3D modelling; however, this is most definitely a hobby and not a profession.

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia, and I grew up all over Queensland from the Torres Straits to the Gold Coast.

I live with severe but higher-functioning autism and am an advocate for change in the workplace, including a break from traditional career paths, to better support and realise the benefits of neurodiversity.

I am also proud to call myself a gamer. Not only are video games a wonderfully immersive form of entertainment, but they are also an important and powerful form of connectivity for the neurodivergent and socially isolated.

If you would like to connect or check out what I am up to, you can find links to my most important profiles right below this post.